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Lo, there do I see my posts.
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Jan. 19th, 2015

astro_noms: (HAMMER GUY!)
So I've had to make peace with data loss and give up on the idea of recovering the contents of the large external drive. :( Alas, I've gotten used to losing whatever data I put on an external sooner or later over the years, so it's not as hard a blow as it might have been. It was only movies and tv shows, so it's not like I can't replace them should I need them (assuming I can remember what they were...). A bigger annoyance is that I think I've lost some graphics files, probably due to the multiple moves of files back and forth and fucked up file sizes, but oh well.

Everything else is working now, although the graphics driver still seems to be a bit wonky and crashes randomly. It seems to be a known issue, not only with AMD drivers, so here's hoping we can get it figured out. I've got Steam running and a bunch of games queued to install, so hopefully the graphics issue won't interfere with that.

This week is finishing some assessments for school and putting in some more work on my MA thesis. I have to give a presentation on it tomorrow, but that should be easy. The fact that I get sick to my stomach every time I have to go see my thesis supervisor (I think I've figured out why we don't use the term "thesis advisor" - that implies actual helpfulness, rather than uselessly standing around and telling people how to do shit) pisses me off to no end. But oh well, one more semester, and it'll be over. There's an instructor at our institute who's basically come out right and said that if she had her habilitation (basically a higher doctorate, you can't be the advisor to a doctoral student without it), she'd invite me to stay on and keep going with my doctorate. I'm not really considering a doctorate right away (if at all), so by the time I decide to go for it, maybe she'll have her habilitation done. I brought up the idea of a PhD with my supervisor, and he was all "PhDs are for hobbyists, I wouldn't recommend it," which admittedly, did a lot to push me towards actually considering it. I'm not going to go into it without some financial security, so at least a year of work will be necessary before I make another 4 year commitment. I'm thinking of possibly doing a post-diploma course in literary translation next year, but I haven't decided on that yet.

My mother's in Poland this week, helping a friend of hers with some research in Warsaw and I think Krakow, and then she's coming to visit my grandparents for the weekend and staying for a few days. I'm hoping I can keep the amount of "omg you have to do a doctorate, you have SO MUCH POTENTIAL!" talk to a minimum, although I'm not holding my breath. My mother is very achievement-oriented, especially if they're my achievements that she can brag about. She's theoretically bringing me her old iPhone 5S (assuming she actually upgraded to the 6 like she said she would), which will come in handy, because my poor old 4 is slowly dying. It'll be nice having a slightly larger screen.

I hope she doesn't decide she wants to come visit me in Wrocław, because the apartment is a mess, there is a motorcycle in my room (and another one in G & B's room), and I really don't want to have to hear her "this place is shit, I can't believe you live here, it's so gross" lecturing again. We're moving at the end of the school year anyway, mostly because we want a slightly bigger place with a common space where we can work and have a TV and stuff) and also because the administration is horrible and full of useless twats who can't answer a simple question without making me want to strangle them. Ahem. So, yeah, here's hoping I can keep Mom away from here and just go straight to my grandparents'.
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