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in which I was going to talk about something else, but ended up blathering about tech and gadgets

My Mac laptop is on the fritz - the monitor has the well-known dark streaks on the bottom, but this time it's not just a matter of putting the display to sleep and waking it up again, and since the laptop is over 6 years old, there's no point in fixing it. I may look at buying a monitor so I can just hook it up that way and have a desktop for now while I squirrel away the money to build a proper PC. I've been using my grandparents' PC laptop for now, mostly because I'm afraid to take it anywhere for fear the display with the cracked bezel and wonky lid will just crap out on me completely. This of course is not without its problems, such as finding a desktop mail client that doesn't make me want to vomit when I look at it, Windows keyboard shortcuts (although that's the least of the problems), and just generally getting used to everything looking different. Six years of a totally different look/function combo is hard to shake.

My mom's coming to Poland next week, spending a week in Warsaw on a research trip with a friend of hers, and then spending a week with my grandparents. She's (most likely) bringing me her iPhone 5 - they just upgraded to the 6, I think - which is good timing, because my iPhone 4 is starting to get wonky, too. The curse of me using electronics, I guess. I might also be getting an iPad mini, I guess as a Christmas present? IDK. It'll be nice to have a tablet again, if only so I have something to fuck around online during boring classes. >_>

A little while ago I bought an external power pack from Anker, which gives me a lot of extra juice to go on. I've been playing quite a bit of Ingress lately, which eats up battery power like whoa, so the powerbank lets me play without worrying about my phone (or mobile wi-fi router, since it can charge two devices at the same time) dying before I'm done. Even if you don't do anything as battery-intensive as Ingress, I highly recommend the Anker, if only for the peace of mind of having a backup power source. I've charged the phone 5-6 times almost to full before the power bank needed recharging, so there's that.

Here, have a cat picture:

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I got an external powerpack from Amazon during one of their flash sales a few months ago and it was seriously one the best purchases I've ever made. It was incredibly useful during my trip to Ireland while I was traipsing up and down the coast. XD

Omg I saw this picture on twitter/Instagram and made the most undignified sound. He looks so much like my own kitty. :3
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I am absolutely terrified something will happen to my laptop before I have a job. If it's after I get a job I won't care I'll just buy another one. But the fact that if something happens to this before I have my own money coming in will mean no replacement makes me panic for a second.

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Hm, a post about tech stuff, interesti-- CAT.