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So I have a new computer! I've temporarily named him Heisenberg, but that may yet change. G picked out the components that would best suit my needs (normal usage, some Photoshop, plus gaming capabilities so I can finally play some of the games I've bought on Steam, oh my God, I'll finally be able to play Assassin's Creed II again, AHHHH), and then I ordered everything and we put it together yesterday. It's SO SHINY (in a metaphorical way, because everything is actually quite matte) and fast and AWESOME. I picked up a used monitor, and it's SO WEIRD going from a 15 inch monitor on a laptop to a 22 inch monitor on my desk. But I have to say, it's nice having a full HD monitor. I had some problems with the display driver, but I'm hoping that today's umpteenth reinstall with just a few things changed fixes it.

The biggest problem now will be getting the hard drives to work - I've got the drive from the laptop hooked up and I'm accessing it with MacDrive, because obviously, the two platforms can't possibly be compatible without having to stand on one leg and waiting for the moon to be in the right phase. We're going to dump the data from that to a backup drive, format it with the PC, and then I'll have a 750GB drive again. The biggest pain is the fact that the 1.5 TB drive that we took out of the external case and plugged into the computer doesn't seem to be working. It's formatted in a way that should let the PC and the Mac both see it (exFAT), but something seems to be wrong and while Disk Management sees that there's a drive, the entire file structure is gone. This would be bad, because that's the drive all my TV shows and movies are on, but not completely tragic should we have to just wipe and format the thing. Hopefully we can at least get an idea of what's on there, so I can try rebuilding my collection if I need to. Then again, maybe this is a good thing, a fresh start of sorts...

And then once I have the drives sorted, I can finish setting things up to my liking, and then I'll be all set. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping we can get it all done today. :D
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[personal profile] synkkaenkeli 2015-01-18 05:58 pm (UTC)(link)
*crosses fingers it all works* I honestly hate trying to get everything to work on a home built computer. It seems like there's always something you have to fenagle. But I'm also slightly lazy LOL
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So the possibility of it being called Heisenberg permanently is...uncertain?

XD sorry I had to.