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relevant icon is finally relevant again!

OMG. I made this red lentil soup-type thing yesterday while we were waiting for the meat for the proper supper to defrost, and it is SO GOOD. I have to remember to make sure I have some coconut milk the next time I make it, because that really adds a lovely bit of flavor to it. But it's so simple! My grandmother always makes soup with chicken soup portions, but this is just some olive oil and maybe a bullion cube if the flavor needs kicking up a notch (although I find that if you season it right, you don't need the bullion). And it's done in like, half an hour, or however long the lentils need to cook. Throw in a tablespoon of coconut milk (or I suppose cream or yogurt would work, too), and it's an awesome bit of soupy goodness. The boys didn't want to eat any of it, so I'm having the leftovers for a late breakfast/lunch this morning before I go to class.

Video card update: we took the fancy video card out, turned on the card integrated into the motherboard, and lo and behold, the problems have stopped. I'm taking the card in to the shop today so they can send it in for repairs/replacement, but since the integrated card seems to be working fine, I'm not too worried. I mean, I can't play, say, Assassin's Creed II on the highest settings, but taking some of them down to medium makes it work just fine, so when I need to take a break from writing, I run around Florence, stabbing some dudes. It takes a bit of focus to get all the key combinations right on the keyboard (I need to get a controller, I think), but so far, I've managed to die only once, and that was only because I wandered into an area that was unavailable and got desynchronized.

Mom's coming to Wrocław tomorrow evening, meeting with some friends, and then we're taking the train to Lubań. That's the theoretical plan, but I guess we'll see how it works out in reality. I need to figure out how much time I can spend with her and my grandparents (because I do actually want to spend some time with her) and still have enough time to work on my thesis. We're supposed to bring what we have in on Tuesday, and I have a lot of work left before what I have is suitable for showing to anyone. Plus, I have a term paper to write, although that's not due until February 4, and since it's only 1200-2000 words, I can probably knock that out in a day or so. Still, all of the work gives me an excuse to come back to Wrocław earlier should I need one. Fingers crossed that I don't.
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I'm glad you sorted something out for the card. I'm lucky that now I don't have any games that require anything more than an integrated card even on my 6 year old laptop. Wait...I think he's actually turning 7. OMG. *snuggles Vampyyri* My poor baby's so old. It kinda makes me panic a little but anyway...Yeah I won't have to worry about getting something "extra" with any other computers I get. If a game won't run on it then I won't get it. I don't do a lot of gaming anymore anyway.

I hope you can get everything done that you need to withoutt oo much extra stress.
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OM NOM TOMATO AND LENTIL SOUP THING. There's a spicy tomato soup with paprika and lentils that I've gotten addicted to over the winter here.

Yaaaay face-stabbing through history! Eziooooo!
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The little guy in the icon is Ezio? I always though it was supposed to be Deadpool...