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exploding head syndrome is an actual real thing

I don't know if it's the changing season weather, or if it's the fact that it's shark week, or something else entirely, but these last few days have been bad ones for headaches. A week or so ago, I had the standard pre-period migraines, and this time it was four days of near constant pain that the sumatriptan didn't really do much for. It'd make it go away for a while, and then it'd start up again, so my backup of pills is kinda dwindled down right now. I need to remember to drop by the pharmacy tomorrow and see if maybe the additional box they were going to bring in for me is still there, or if I fucked up again and left it too long. *sigh* These last few days have been pretty nasty, headache-wise, too, which isn't helping in getting the translation that's due on Thursday. It'll get done, because we're more than half done and it's not too difficult (just really mind-numbingly tedious and repetitive), but it would be nice not to have it hanging over my head.

The meeting with the vice principal (or rather, deputy head of school to use the BrE parlance) went well yesterday, for all that it lasted about 5 or 6 minutes. We talked about what they expect me to do (basically, translating the promotional material for the school and the stuff for their website) and that was it, really. She talked about how the school is in renovations these days, so space is at a premium, and maybe I'd be willing to do the work remotely, which I'd be OK with, but I'm pretty sure that working on-site is actually part of the point of the internship, so the uni people in charge of it probably won't agree. Which doesn't really matter to me - as long as I have a place to sit down and an internet connection, I can work. I guess we'll see what the admin people say. This week is supposed to be for signing the contracts, so I'll find out soon.

My brain is so full of marketing mumbo-jumbo and corpo-speak that I can't think straight. But this job is going to pay quite a bit, so I guess I've got no choice by to sit here and chip away at it until it's done. Bleh. Also, why can't it be spring already? I'm ready for warmer weather and not having to bundle up when I sit in front of a computer. </whinge>