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  • shopping therapy really does help a bit when you're feeling like crap
  • I'm starting to find it easier and easier to stick to the "I'm not afraid of colors" mantra when shopping - mostly evidenced by this bag I got myself today
  • my cat is (for some reason) terrified of balloons - like, run and hide under the bed scared - I was hoping he'd enjoy playing with it for at least a while, but nope, not happening
  • going off the antidepressants I'm taking for my PMDD-related troubles actually helps me with my libido and not feeling like I'm either numb or so sensitive that the barest touch leaves me feeling like I'm bruised
  • if I want to get off the antidepressants I'm taking for my PMDD-related troubles, I'm going to have to find some other way to deal with it, because being able to get off and not feel bruised isn't really worth the emo-fest I go through every month
  • the emo-fest makes it really hard to function in the real world, because even the slightest inconvenience/frustration/sad thing/cute animal makes me want to curl up and cry until I pass out
  • there is something equally frustrating (especially when your iron is as crappy as mine), embarrassing (because seriously, who does that anymore), and satisfying (because ahhh, sliding in under the nicely covered duvet) about making the bed with freshly ironed sheets
  • the feeling only lasts for a day or two, and then the sheets get all wrinkled and covered with cat hair anyway
  • bullet point lists are a good way to get out some things that I want to get out but don't really feel like talking about in detail
  • I can't wait until it's warm enough to sleep with my windows open again
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So I've been fighting like, EXTREME dizziness/vertigo the last couple of days, and I'm starting to get really worried. Although it could be anything - symptom of migraine, symptom of depression, imbalance of something in my body, water in the ear, hell if I know. I have a referral to a neurologist, and if things aren't better by this afternoon (I woke up this morning with the beginnings of a pre-period migraine, the timing checks out, so maybe that's it) I may head to the hospital and see what they do with me. I don't really want to, because I have a crapload of translation to work on, but I guess I need to start taking care of myself. Plus, if I don't get better, G.'s going to drag me to the doctor himself.

On top of that the cat is sick (caught a cold or something and now he's got a weird meow and gross snot coming out of him - the vet game me something to boost his immune system and we'll see how he's doing next week), so we're not exactly having a good time.

Speaking of not having a good time, there is a shady e-book site scraping AO3 and Wattpad fics and selling them. You can go to and search for your writing handle to see if you're in there. One of my fics was (it's not even an original fic!) so I already sent in a DMCA takedown notice - this post tells you how to do that on this site. Bleh.

And now I'm going to go back to bed for a bit more, because my migraine pill is kicking in and I'm feeling quite woozy on top of the very woozy I was already feeling.
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I don't know if it's the changing season weather, or if it's the fact that it's shark week, or something else entirely, but these last few days have been bad ones for headaches. A week or so ago, I had the standard pre-period migraines, and this time it was four days of near constant pain that the sumatriptan didn't really do much for. It'd make it go away for a while, and then it'd start up again, so my backup of pills is kinda dwindled down right now. I need to remember to drop by the pharmacy tomorrow and see if maybe the additional box they were going to bring in for me is still there, or if I fucked up again and left it too long. *sigh* These last few days have been pretty nasty, headache-wise, too, which isn't helping in getting the translation that's due on Thursday. It'll get done, because we're more than half done and it's not too difficult (just really mind-numbingly tedious and repetitive), but it would be nice not to have it hanging over my head.

The meeting with the vice principal (or rather, deputy head of school to use the BrE parlance) went well yesterday, for all that it lasted about 5 or 6 minutes. We talked about what they expect me to do (basically, translating the promotional material for the school and the stuff for their website) and that was it, really. She talked about how the school is in renovations these days, so space is at a premium, and maybe I'd be willing to do the work remotely, which I'd be OK with, but I'm pretty sure that working on-site is actually part of the point of the internship, so the uni people in charge of it probably won't agree. Which doesn't really matter to me - as long as I have a place to sit down and an internet connection, I can work. I guess we'll see what the admin people say. This week is supposed to be for signing the contracts, so I'll find out soon.

My brain is so full of marketing mumbo-jumbo and corpo-speak that I can't think straight. But this job is going to pay quite a bit, so I guess I've got no choice by to sit here and chip away at it until it's done. Bleh. Also, why can't it be spring already? I'm ready for warmer weather and not having to bundle up when I sit in front of a computer. </whinge>
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So when we moved into the new flat, I decided that the time had come to buy myself a proper bed, with a mattress and frame and everything. Seeing as the sofa the owner had left us was so old it was practically falling apart, it was either that or sleep on the floor. So I bought a frame with a slatted bottom, and a foam mattress.

And then the problems started. The slats were sliding all over the place with the slightest move, and falling off the center beam, which left holes under the mattress and was pretty uncomfortable. So I went to the hardware store and bought some nails to fix them in place. And I don't know if this is because there are too few slats, or if it's actually the mattress or something, but lately I've had some pretty awful back pain and numbness in my muscles whenever I lie on the bed, or hell, even when I just sit on it. And considering I use my bed as a couch some of the time (for reading, or for watching something, or just for non-writing computer use), it's not something that I can just not do.

I don't know whether the stiffness and pain in my trapezius is only from sleeping on the bed or whether I pulled something in the move, but it can reduce my ability to turn my head to the right by about 50%. I'm hoping that buying a piece of plywood to put over the slats will fix things, because otherwise I might have to look at getting another mattress or something. I would have gotten a spring mattress rather than just a foam one, but they're pretty expensive and out of my price range. I guess if the board under the mattress doesn't help, I can always get rid of/sell the frame and just put the mattress on the floor and sleep like that.
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So I went to see an ENT specialist today, and between paying for the visit and paying for the meds, spent a lot of money on my health, like, 1/6th of my entire monthly budget. Eep. But I'm getting pretty desperate to get rid of this sinusitis/tracheitis/whatever the hell is going on with me, and just be better. I'm tired of coughing, I'm tired of sniffling, and I'm just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Nothing gross, just cutting for medical discussion and length. )
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So I'm kinda freaking out. My cousin and I came back from the Day of the Doctor viewing party around 1:30 am, and I was going to quickly throw my stuff in a suitcase and then go to sleep, but the next thing I knew it was 4:30 am and I was still awake. I'm trying to pretend everything is hunky dory, at least in front of my grandparents, but the fact that Gran keeps bringing it up and talking about it isn't helping much. Which means I'm tired and stressed and freaking out and just... AHHHHHHHHH. O_@

I'm pretty sure they're not going to do anything tomorrow, maybe just take some blood and do some x-rays or whatever, but who knows? I'm running around the house trying to figure out what I'm going to bring (no, Gran, I'm not taking a nightgown to the hospital *eyeroll*). I need to load up some music onto my tablet, make sure all the batteries are charged, and that all the power cables are packed. I've got a notebook, pen & pencils, and even a regular paper book to read (Nabokov's Pale Fire in the Polish translation). I also grabbed my kindle in case I want to read something else, because while I love my tablet, reading longer stuff on it is kind of a pain.

I'm hoping all of this doesn't turn out to be one big useless trip. I don't think they'll decide that fixing my deviated septum isn't the solution to my problems, and the doctor is aware that that's what I'm coming in for, but who knows? I've come to expect a lot of fuckery from the Polish health care system, and I can only hope I'm not disappointed.

I guess at some point this week I'll also have to get in some more work on the translation, and probably at least one of the response papers I have to write for a class. I'm not sure that an absence, even one completely excused by being in the hospital, is enough to postpone the deadline, so I'll probably have to try and focus at least a bit. ARGH.
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So after my visit to my doctor last week, I came out with a prescription for antibiotics, a throat rinse, and nose drops, and a referral to an ENT specialist because of chronic sinusitis, which is what was causing my trachea to get super irritated and inflamed and hence all the coughing. So I started calling ENT doctors, but the public health fund is limited, and getting an appointment that's covered by the fund towards the end of the year is hard - I kept hearing "we've got openings in January or February." I could have paid, sure, but I figured I'd try and see if my aunt could get me in with her ENT doctor friend. It took a few days, but she got back to me and told me to call him, because he was asking if I wanted it done with full anaesthetic or just a local. Cue me being all ??? because whoa, whoa, I was expecting this to be a visit to check what's going on in my sinuses, and possibly determine a future course of treatment, nothing more (mostly because of the tempo at which the Polish health care system moves, but also because I figured he'd want to see me first and then make a decision).

So I called him this morning, and he's all "when would you like it done?" and I'm all "ASAP, of course." After a bit of hemming and hawing, he told me to come in Monday morning and then I should be good to go home by Wednesday or Thursday. O_O I guess sometimes it pays to have ~~connections?

I had a talk with my advisor, because I was supposed to have a loose sketch of the first chapter of my thesis ready for Monday, but obviously I won't be there, and I haven't really had time to do a lot of research what with the book translation still going. So I mentioned that I'm running behind on the contract, and that I haven't had much chance to read, and he suggested that I focus on finishing the translation, and start reading some Nabokov (because that's probably who I'll be using for the analysis portion of my thesis) in the meantime. So I picked up the Polish translation of Pale Fire and The Origin of Laura, which are two books he suggested, so in the event that I'm too out of it post-surgery to do translation work, I won't feel totally useless and can get some reading done. Not that I don't have eleventy metric fucktons of reading to do already, because hoo boy, do I ever, but maybe fiction will be a bit easier to focus on than dry academic texts. This will also be interesting, because I don't usually read fiction in Polish, and my advisor suggested reading the translations first.

Tomorrow I'm going to a The Day of the Doctor viewing party, and before that, I'm going to try and get some work work on the translation done. And then I should figure out what to pack, because there's a possibility I'll be getting a ride to Lubań with my aunt and cousin, and they want to leave early, so I need to be ready to go. I guess I should make a list of stuff I need to do, like charging batteries and loading up files and everything, just so I don't forget anything. I should try to get some work in tonight, too, but I had to go to the doctor's office to get the hospital referral form (because everything here runs on fucking bureaucracy) and I'm so cold that I'm finding it hard to even contemplate coming out from under the blanket and being productive. *shivers*
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So my regular Wednesday class was canceled yesterday due to the instructor's illness, and thank goodness, because it meant that I didn't have to read the stuff that was assigned and also didn't have to write a response paper on it. Unfortunately for me, I spent most of the day fighting off a migraine for the second day in a row and didn't get as much work done on the translation as I'd hoped. I'm so far behind on it, it's not even funny, and it sucks because the very thought of the book gets me going in a full body shudder. :( I just want it to be done and over with, so I can focus on things that don't make me physically ill, like, oh, reading the eleventy hundred pages of possible research material for my MA. *headdesk*

But! I also had the fangirls over for dinner (we had the baked orzo with eggplant and mozarella and some pumpkin cheesecake for dessert), so that capped the day off nicely.

Unfortunately, this morning I woke up with another migraine, and while yes, I've already taken a migraine pill and I can feel it working, it's going to leave me woozy and muddled for most of the morning, which will make class kinda awful and I'm seriously considering e-mailing the instructor and letting him know that I'm very sorry but I can't make it. Hmm.

I'm also supposed to be getting a call from my aunt about when the ENT specialist she knows can get me in to see him. Getting an appointment that's paid for by our public health care with any specialist towards the end of the year is pretty close to impossible, because all their funds are used up and "I've got a space open in February!" I could pay and get in sooner, sure, and while I don't normally go the "hey, friend of a friend, can you do me a favor?" route, I figure this is pretty important. I'm so tired of this sinusitis, if they can do anything to get me better, even if it means actual surgery on my septum, fine, let them do it, I don't care, I just want to be able to breathe normally again and not have the fucking cough rattling me like crazy.

I think I'm going to go get something to eat and see how I feel. I have a couple of hours before I have to make the go/stay call, and as much as I'd love to just curl up under a blanket and not go anywhere, leaving the house would probably do me some good, so I should probably consider it.
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So I took the second job. I told the coordinator I'm talking to that I could take pages, but not a lot, and I've got a package of museum exhibit descriptions to translate, which is not so bad. I just need to sit down and google some more terminology, because the whole package is about smoking pipes, and there's some weird stuff in there.

I'm about a third of the way through the book translation, or possibly a bit more. The first part that I'm almost done with is about 40% of the book. Then the first part can go back to the author for a review, and I can go through the notes she sent me on the first bit. One of the differences between Polish and English is that in Polish writing, repeating words, even those like "said" and "and" is considered something you don't do. So if you have a page full of dialogue, all those "saids" are going to get flagged, as will repeated pronouns. Those of us who write in English stop noticing dialogue tags after a while, but for someone who doesn't, they jump out. So I have a file with pages full of highlighted repetitions that are going to get stetted anyway because she herself admits that her English isn't good enough to properly judge, and she's looking at things from another language's point of view.

When I met her back in July, I ended spending the night at her parents' place (she lives in France with her husband and kids, and she was here for a visit and I went to an author signing meeting thing). Once everyone had settled in for the night, we stayed up for a while talking, and I sat there thinking "how do I bring up the 50 Shades of Grey colored elephant in the room. I needn't have worried, because she brought it up herself. She says that she was still writing the book when 50SoG hit it big, and that she hadn't known about it before, and that she was devastated to realize just how many similarities they were. I... have no reason not to believe her, although I'm fully aware how it's going to look should she manage to actually sell it on the U.S. market. Hopefully the "if you liked 50SoG, you'll like this" trend will continue for a while longer, because I really wish this girl all the success she can get. And, well, if she sells it and it's successful, my name will be on it, too, as a translator, so hopefully that'll bring me some good things, too.

I've had this awful pain in my neck for the last 4-5 days. I thought it was a kink from sleeping wrong or something, but it's a completely different, more persistent, more insidious pain that doesn't just stay in the neck, but radiates down into the shoulder and up into the skull. So I've been more or less a complete wreck these last few days, because none of the painkillers I've tried have been working. I took one of my grandfather's tramadol pills last night, and this morning, I woke up about 95% pain-free, but things wore off around dinner time, so I'm sitting here, pondering taking another one. I need to be functional tomorrow, and if this pain continues, that's not going to happen. :| I whined a bit about it to my mom, and she made the appropriate soothing noises, so even though it doesn't really help, it helps a bit.

And now I need to find something to occupy myself with for another hour or so, because it's my dad's birthday, but with an 8 hour time difference, he won't be home from work yet and I want to talk to him tonight. I'm too out of it to try working this late, so maybe I'll watch an episode of something and knit a bit instead.
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So the fact that with the exception of a couple of times after we got there, I didn't really have the usual pre-period migraines while we were in Wales, combined with the fact that I've just spent the last three days pretty much non-stop curled up in bed wanting to die of headsplody, makes me think that my pre-period migraines may also be connected to the climate? Like, it's humid here in Wrocław, but not nearly as much as in Wales? Either that or they were just far less noticeable while we were there? IDK.

I'm going to try and get an appointment with a doctor tomorrow to get a prescription for some migraine meds, since while my mom can send me some from the US, it'll take a while to get it and for it to get here, and it'd be nice to have some on hand, especially in case the headache continues tomorrow. I've tried killing the headaches with food and caffeine and non-migraine pain killers and nothing's worked for longer than an hour or so, so I've had a rough few days. I was supposed to do the sample translation of the book, and I have an assignment due for a proseminar tomorrow, and looool, none of it got done. While "looking at the computer screen feels like someone's sticking pins in my eyes" is a valid excuse for the translation, I'm thinking it won't fly for the assignment, which means I'm probably going to have a bad night tonight. /o\

On the bright side, the student administration website tells me my scholarship funds have been released, so I should have them tomorrow. Curse you, banking systems that require a "business day" to do things like register deposits. *sigh* After classes tomorrow, I should go and get some light groceries and maybe make that trip to Ikea I've been planning. I was going to get laundry detergent and stuff, but seeing as I'm probably going home on Wednesday or Thursday (we have a long long weekend coming up - May 1st is the former Communist Labor Day, which is now the May 1st Civic Holiday, and then May 3rd is Constitution Day, and both of those are statutory holidays, so the uni just makes May 2nd a free day, and then there's the weekend on top of that, so whee, five days off!) I may end up taking my dirty laundry home to wash it there. Unfortunately, it looks like the weather is going to be crap - mid teens and cloudy/rainy - so the chances of something like a trip somewhere (if we could convince Gran to go somewhere, which lol, good fucking luck with that) or even a back yard bbq are probably slim. I may put off going home until Friday, so I don't end up sitting at home for five fucking days, going out of my mind with boredome, but we'll see.

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I blocked another shawl yesterday! I've got an Ishbel to photograph and write up, and I've taken the pins out of a Bridgewater this morning, so I may do both at the same time. I miss my blocking wires terribly, because blocking lace with waste yarn threaded through (waste yarn that's kinda thin and not very strong and at risk of breaking) isn't very convenient, especially since it stretches and then the tension goes all to hell. Marta helped me pin this one out, and I'm thinking we did a pretty good job. I'd have liked to block it a bit more aggressively, but given how big this thing is (the pattern calls for 42.5" x 42.5", this thing right now is about 53" x 53", and although I expect it'll shrink a little bit, it probably won't be 10" on each side), I'm gonna say it's big enough. push comes to shove, when I get home at the end of March, I can always repin with the wires and get it more aggressively blocked.

After the moping last night, I do have to say I'm feeling better this morning. Whether that's because I'm actually feeling better or because I'm in "fake it 'til you make it" mode remains to be seen, but for the moment, it's mostly good.

Last night, after I turned off the light and pulled the covers up, I had a brief moment when I almost got back up again and started writing, but I forced myself not to, because seriously, 3am is no time to be writing porn. At least not when you're tired and cranky.

And now I'm going to go upstairs and get some cereal and fruit for breakfast. Marta and I realized that too much junk food was making us feel kinda grody, so we're trying to eat more healthy and cutting out sugary snacks and the like. It's like we're being adults or something, it's quite disconcerting. O_o
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If I were a better Catholic, I'd be more upset that Lent starts five days before my birthday. Well, if I were planning to actually have any sort of birthday party. As it is, I'm not planning any festivities beyond maybe going to the movies and out to dinner (which is what I traditionally do for my birthday), so I'd be good, even if I cared about the Lent.

Come to think of it, I suppose I should do something a bit more special for the birthday, given that I'm turning *gasp!* 35. Also, there's another girl here on the Erasmus program whose birthday is on the same day, so maybe we can do a nice dinner together with her or something.

I finally made a doctor's appointment to get my back seen to, and it turns out that it's "an inflammation of the sciatic nerve" so I've got some prescription anti-inflammatories. I'm a little disappointed and kinda taken aback, because she had me lie down and lift my legs, and poked at my back a bit, but the whole thing was over in like, five minutes. She said it didn't look to be too serious, and that she didn't think it required any further tests, but IDK. I guess I was expecting a bit more than a prescription for naproxen and a booklet on how to deal with back pain. Tomorrow, I'm going to call and make an appointment for an assessment at the chiropractic clinic for next week, so maybe between one and the other, I can get my back in semi-functional shape again. I know I should try to exercise more, maybe swimming or something, but there's no swimming pool here, and on top of that, I can't swim (yes, I know). I need to look into something like a yoga class or something, maybe that'll loosen things up a bit and get me moving slowly.
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So heating pad + my back? SO MUCH FEEL GOOD. It's not even close to making me feel 100%, because even when I'm sitting here, sighing happily, I can feel the soreness in my back, but I was able to get up, walk down the stairs, and like, bend over almost completely without too much discomfort. I'm fully aware that this is only temporary, and that in the morning I'll probably be even worse off, but at least for now, I can move around without things spasming and making me want to cry.

For the record, I cried three times today. Mostly out of frustration, like not being able to put my boots on without some serious effort. OTOH, I did get out of the house to go grocery shopping with grandpa, and I spent most of the day on my feet helping with cooking. I went to the pharmacy and asked for some muscle relaxants, but apparently there are no OTC ones available. I got some meloxicam instead, but that's like, 1 pill a day, and it didn't really do anything. My grandpa has some stronger diclofenac that I'm trying, but that's not really doing much, either.

Who knew that carrying a 30kg sack of potatoes could cause this much pain?
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