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2012: the year in review

I'm going to follow last year's precedent and break this up into a review post and a "favorites" post. The latter of which will come tomorrow, because it's after 3am and I should have been asleep a couple of hours ago already.



  • I Love You, You Loser - the first of the (unfinished) Big Damn Fanmix Project, made for [personal profile] saystheheart.

  • Magic (Every Word Is) - the [ profile] inception_bang mix I made for a story that didn't get posted. It was an awesome Harry Potter fusion that was a pleasure to read that I wish more people had gotten to see.

  • Fuck You Because Unicorn - my 2011 Year-End Mix. Mostly a list of the 2011 favorites rather than a themed thing.

  • #likeatidalwave - the second Big Damn Fanmix Project mix, made for [ profile] cherith. I'm really proud of this mix, of how it turned out completely differently than what I'd planned and still worked, and how it doesn't get old or boring on repeated listens.

  • All Out of Bubblegum - another BDFP mix, with the theme of "music to kick-ass to." Made for [personal profile] scarimonious. Two CDs worth of music, the first instrumental, the other not. I finally got to use that awesome picture of Cam Gigandet and his awesome bitchface-giving daughter (see also the icon on this post).

  • Another Time, Another Life - BDFP again, this is an Atomic Vaudeville mix, for all the Alex/Henry AU scenarios that [personal profile] scarimonious have come up with. I love this mix A LOT.

  • Howlin' For You - a mix for [ profile] werewolfbigbang's "Strays" by [ profile] cho_malfoy (masterpost). I loved this fic, featuring my favorite bandom pairing, and the mix was a lot of fun to make.

  • #wrisomifu - BDFP mix, songs to kill writer's block." Can stand as a soundtrack for a story, or just music to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Have It All - [ profile] bandombigbang mix for the Wave One of the big bang. This was for [personal profile] doctor_jasley's story "The Killing Trade" (masterpost). It's a bandom fic that plays with the retired contract killer trope (ugggggh, I love it SO MUCH) and I loved making this mix!

  • Waiting for a Miracle - [ profile] au_bigbang mix for [ profile] sparrowhellscat's fic "Apocalypse, Please" (masterpost). This was an amazing Supernatural/Avengers fusion that was a joy to read and a lot of fun to mix for.

  • Grim Opera - [community profile] originalbigbang mix for [personal profile] jessicasteiner's "Grim Opera" (masterpost), which was an original fiction take on The Phantom of the Opera that was a lot of fun.

  • Strong Enough to Stand - a mix for my own [community profile] originalbigbang story (masterpost). I made the mix because I'd withdrawn from claiming when I thought I wouldn't be able to finish before the deadline, and then made it on time anyway. This was another Atomic Vaudeville story, a partially genderswapped femslash mobster AU.

Hunh, that's more than I thought I made. There are still a bunch of the Big Damn Fanmix mixes that I didn't get to, I may try to do them this year. Yay, musics!


  • Strong Enough to Stand - 35,150 words, explicit, femslash. My [community profile] originalbigbang fic for this year was pretty much the only thing I wrote and finished. There would have been more, but, well, REASONS.

I'm working on what was going to be this round's [ profile] angelic_bigbang story, but the fic didn't get done on time, and then the big bang itself didn't happen, but I definitely still want to finish it, whether it ends up an AB story, or an OFBB, or just an original fic. It's got archangels, the Fallen, the Antichrist, apocalypses, time travel, romance, heartbreak, cats being turned into people, and a whole bunch of other things I'm kinda looking forward to actually getting out of my head and written out.


  • At my mother's urging, went on a nutritionist-designed diet, and lost a bit of weight. It's not nearly as much as I want to lose, but it's a start, and it improved some of my bad eating habits. Despite not really sticking to the diet while in Wales, I still lost a bit more weight, so hopefully that will continue.

  • Got accepted for the ERASMUS program and went to study at the University of Glamorgan in Wales. I still have three months to go, so yay! [ profile] upupa_epops and I actually make pretty good roommates, especially when we have the fuckwittery of other roommates to contrast against.

  • Brought up my GPA high enough that I got a scholarship. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but I actually kinda worked my ass off for this one, so this is probably the thing I'm most proud of this year. Yay, academic achievement!

  • Did a shitload of translating, and actually got paid for it! Apparently this is something I'm good at, so hey, who knows, maybe I'll end up making a career out of it.

  • Remained single and have accepted that I'm probably going to stay that way. Made it allllmost the whole year without anyone asking about me having kids/providing my elders with grand/great-grandchildren, and then my grandfather ruined the almost perfect streak during Christmas. I told them that if they wanted great-grandkids, they should get me a cat. :D

  • Have come to the realization that, for various reasons, some of which I've talked about here and others I have not, I kinda sorta need to look into getting some therapy. I'm not making this a resolution or anything, because I'm not going to set myself up for failure that way. Baby steps.

  • Grandma S's health declined, capped off with an aggressive, non-operative cancer diagnosis on New Year's Eve. At this point, there's nothing I can do to help, so I'm going to focus on making the best of my life this year, as a tribute to her and the time she spent raising me when I was little.