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yes brain, you can has ([personal profile] astro_noms) wrote2013-12-08 09:40 pm

today was a better day

It sucks having to watch every single thing I say and do, but if I'm willing to make the effort, the result is a fairly frictionless interaction with everyone, so maybe it's worth it. I'm just so tired of having to walk on eggshells around everyone and not speaking up when people thoughtlessly trample all over my feelings. *sigh*

The cakes both turned out awesome, you can barely tell there are lumps in the cream, and despite being composed of several pieces each, the cake layers held together and looked and tasted fucking amazing. I'm crediting the gluing power of my tears and rage, which are apparently not only crunchy and delicious, but combined with some willpower also make for good desserts.

Today my grandfather backed into some dude's car that was hauling Christmas trees and shattered the rear windshield in his car (everyone's fine, the only damage was to the window). This means I have to change my travel plans, but hopefully I can figure out something that will let me get back to Wrocław at some point tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to schlepping my suitcase/purse/camera tripod with me to the hospital (I have to go pick up some paperwork) before going back home, but it might be the best solution. I've got a few trains I can catch during the day, so I've got choices.

I'm ready to go home. For whatever value of "home" can be applied to my place in Wrocław.


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