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this is not the thoughtful Easter post I was going to make


So, Easter holiday weekend with the family! I am strangely upbeat and maintaining sanity, which means I may just complete the "survive Easter" task on Get Ye Done with flying colors rather than "well, that sucked hairy balls, but at least I'm still alive." What's important is that I still have some herbal calming stuff left over, and there is a lot of alcohol in the house, so if need be, I can medicate one way or another.

My uncle and cousin are here, and my cousin just made me very happy by leaning over and whispering "Game of Thrones tomorrow!" to me. He's not very geeky and not at all in fandom, but at least I'll have someone to watch with.

So, Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Happy long weekend to those who don't. And remember, don't let the zombie Jesus get you!
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I hope you have as good a time as possible and don'e need much help relaxing.